Our Pastor


Lincoln Land’s pastor, Dr. Rod Mattoon

Dr. Rod Mattoon has been preaching since 1972. In Bible college and seminary, he majored in Bible and minored in Christian counseling. During the 1990’s, Dr. Mattoon was a Bible professor at the Springfield branch of Moody Bible Institute of Chicago for four years. Since 1991, Dr. Mattoon has been the senior pastor of Lincoln Land Baptist Church.

He spends an average of 20 to 25 hours per week studying the Word of God. Much of the material in his sermons can be used in counseling sessions to help people with their problems.

All of the sermons are very practical. Many of Dr. Mattoon’s sermons contain historical information and customs of Bible times that will help enrich your understanding of God’s Word. If you are a teacher or a preacher, this material will assist in making your presentations more interesting and informative. If you have difficulty finding time to study God’s word, the sermons will be useful. All the presentations have been preached at Lincoln Land Baptist Church in Springfield, Illinois.

In addition to serving as pastor of Lincoln Land Baptist, Dr. Mattoon has authored and published several books covering topics from the Bible including the Old Testament and New Testament. You may find them on the Lincoln Land Baptist Church’s other web site.

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